About Us

Dunwoody Academy

Dunwoody Academy is a preschool through grade 12 institution that offers an enhanced K to 12 curriculums with dynamic international perspective.  Our learning methodologies are based on the best practices of American and International pedagogy providing a broad and balanced education with the required specialization and experiences in later years.


Our students are challenged daily with a comprehensive variety of core academic courses, including social studies, science, math and english. In order to meet the direct needs of our students. Dunwoody Academy offers a wide selection of co-curricular enrichment programs, including entrepreneurship, foreign studies, performing arts, basic culinary, computer science, and more….




Dunwoody Academy, Inc. adheres to the exigency of the child’s full potentials in the environment of independence and education for life.


In the realization of the Vision, Dunwoody Academy, Inc. commits itself:


To develop the thinking abilities of pupils, clarify the picture of the universe, and nurture discipline to improve and sustain intellectual proficiency.


To refine emotional responses of pupils through encouraging them to feel, respecting the uniqueness of others, and conquering anxieties brought by the challenges of life;


To support the pupils to understand, discover, and adopt the lifestyle habits most appropriate and beneficial to their mind and body;


To nurture the potential for each pupil to lead a full, free, joyful, and healthy life through the development of conscience; and


To teach the pupils to interact to people, places, and situations as requisite of their relational potentials.

Core Values

1. Independence
2. Discipline
3. Respect