Alternative Setting Study Program (Home Study)


Reasons and motivations for an alternative setting study program

  • customize or individualize the curriculum and learning environment for each child,
  • accomplish more academically,
  • use pedagogical approaches other than those typical in institutional schools,
  • enhance family relationships between children and parents and among siblings,
  • provide guided and reasoned social interactions with youthful peers and adults,
  • provide a safer environment for children and youth
  • teach and impart a particular set of values, beliefs, and worldview to children and youth.
  • Prioritize your child‘s interest.

More control

In either case, AN ALTERNATIVE SETTING STUDY PROGRAM can have definite advantages. The first of these is control. Committed parents have their child’s interests solely at heart and do not have to share their attention around. With their children as willing motivated partners they will have more say over the subjects and levels that are taught. They can monitor their child’s progress more closely, spot challenges sooner and save valuable learning time.

Parents are emotionally closer to their children than teachers and can spot when their offspring are tired, unwell or when their brains need the refreshing break of switching to another subject for a while. ‘Time out’ can sometimes work wonders for tired student brains and parents are in a better position to offer it than overworked teachers coping with crowded unruly classrooms and regimented curriculum schedules.

Assessment, also, can be more closely monitored and beady-eyed solicitous parents are unlikely to miss a trick when it comes to their children’s baseline averages and learning goals. Teachers have many more than one set of results to focus on.

Individual attention

The valuable extra learning minutes and hours that have been gained by not wasting time means that there is more time for children to actually relax and enjoy what they are learning. Parent and child can take longer over tasks and experiments. These can even be repeated as there are no stressful queues of children all pushing for an opportunity to try an activity.

One to one attention is probably the most expensive and valuable educational resource any government can provide so very few students benefit from it. OUR ALTERNATIVE SETTING STUDY PROGRAM, however, are able to offer this close personal attention in abundance and their children often thrive on it.  The calm, familiar atmosphere of home can seem an oasis for learning and it offers the added benefit of help close by.

Fast progress is often made by the brightest students whilst those who have challenges in one particular learning area are able to make up for it by excelling in another.

Parents or Guardians do not have to be ‘know-alls’ either, or super-parents who can do-it all and be-it-all. Different parents will have different strengths and where there are gaps, they can fill them with specially selected tutors. Home-study does not have to mean parent-only schooling. It is only natural that successful home-study students will soon outstrip their parents in subjects they have decided to specialize in. Then it is time search for outside tutors. Again, it is now the family who is in control of hiring and firing – not the school.

Your child receives the best of both worlds the flexibility of home study and the exposure of a classroom settings as they are still required to come to school during:

– Project Recitations

– Quizzes

– Quarterly Exams

– Activity Days

– School Events