Pre-School Program

Our Pre-School is constructed of 3 programs. Jr. Kinder, Sr. Kinder, and Preparatory

Program is based on the theory that children need active involvement with people, materials, ideas, and events. It is a curriculum of “shared control” in which adults and children learn together. The core belief is that children learn best by pursuing their personal goals and interests. Children are encouraged to make their own choices — teachers will support this independence and decision-making.  The 3 programs are a prerequisite to advance to our Primary School program.

In the classroom

Experiences are grouped into categories:

Creative representation — Imitation, recognition, role playing
Language and literacy — Talking, describing, scribbling, dictating stories
Initiative and social relations — Making choices, problem-solving, relationship-building
Movement — Bending, running, dancing
Music — Singing
Classification — Describing shapes, sorting, matching
Seriation — Arranging things in order
Numbers — Counting
Space — Filling, emptying
Time — Starting, stopping, sequencing
Martial Arts
Recreational Culinary Arts