Secondary School Program(Grades 6 thru 8)

Middle School Program

As Dunwoody Academy students enter grade six they experience our middle school program, they make a three-year transition to our challenging high school program. Students in middle school are introduced to a meticulous subject-based system, and learn directly from specialized teachers who teach their academic subjects. Their Class Advisers will provide guidance and direction for the students throughout these transitional years.

In middle school, students can further develop their leadership skills by participating in a project based activities. By accessing these opportunities, our emerging leaders of the future can start to have an impact on school development.


Our enrichment program is designed to enhanced their experience in other facet of school life.  Our goal is to stimulate the spirit, the body and the mind.

  • Martial Arts
  • Swimming
  • Bowling (Grades 4 and above)
  • Basic Culinary Arts
  • ESL (English as a Second Language)
  • Entrepreneurship (Grade 4 and above)
  • Foreign Studies (Grade 4 and above)
  • Computer Science
  • Performing Arts